In the field of construction, timeliness has proven to be one of the top challenges. When you consider that the majority of construction projects finish both behind schedule and over budget, it’s clear there’s an efficiency issue in the industry. So, how do you ensure that your construction project doesn’t fall victim to this unfortunate trend? We’re glad that you asked. Here are some of our best tips on how to make your construction worksite more efficient.

Implement Efficient Material Transport Methods

Without proper material transport equipment, construction workers can spend a considerable amount of time and energy simply moving supplies from one area to another. In order to keep processes moving as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it’s essential to invest in quality material transport machinery such as high-standard transport platforms and construction hoists.

Clear Communication Is Key

Another effective tip on how to make your construction worksite more efficient is to implement clear communication. Many delays on construction sites simply result from completely preventable miscommunications or a lack of ample information. As such, construction managers should strengthen communication within their teams, such as providing clear and concise instructions, establishing a formal chain of communication, and actively listening to any questions or concerns workers have. Choose a contractor that provides an intercom system not just for each floor, but with a receiver/transmitter unit inside the cab as well for the operator to communiciate with workers.

Implement Ample Training

Providing all workers with ample training on key job responsibilities and equipment operation can also significantly reduce production delays. Prior to each project, make sure all workers have received proper training and are ready to handle the tasks ahead.

Keep in mind that implementing ample training is equally crucial to maintaining efficiency as it is to ensure the safety of your workers. As such, you should always view training as a top priority in your construction business. You should consider a contractor that includes operator training with their rental package, and will try a large number of operators and substitute operators for as much up-time as possible.

Practice Proper Equipment Maintenance Procedures

One of the leading causes of downtime on a construction worksite is equipment malfunctions or breakdowns. Because much of the work completed on a construction project requires the use of heavy machinery, if even one piece of equipment malfunctions, entire operations could come to a halt.

In order to avoid costly delays and keep your worksite running smoothly, it’s imperative to practice proper equipment maintenance such as regular inspections, cleanings, or fluid changes. In doing so, you can prevent equipment from experiencing any issues.

Modern technology advances allow for remote-monitoring of all machinery. Choose a contractor that knows what’s wrong with your machine even before you do – to reach peak performance with as little downtime as possible.