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For more than 55 years, UCEL has provided safe, innovative solutions on hundreds of residential and ICI projects across Canada

Ever since Frank Csaszar founded UCEL (formerly Urban Construction Equipment Limited), our highest priorities have been quality, reliability and expert service. A family-operated business for three generations, we have earned our reputation as an industry leader through our vast experience, expertise and knowledge. Working with the best European manufacturers such as STROS, we remain committed to not only boosting your productivity and saving you time and money, but also maximizing the absolute safety of everyone involved in your project.

Founded by Frank Csaszar in 1963, UCEL (formerly Urban Construction Equipment Limited) has provided temporary and permanent rack-and-pinion elevator applications on hundreds of residential and ICI projects across Canada. For more than 15 years, we have been the exclusive distributor of STROS rack-and-pinion products in Canada and the northeastern United States.

Our major projects in Toronto include:

  • BMO
  • 1 Bloor East
  • Ice Towers
  • The Shangrila
  • Bay Adelaide Centre
  • L-Tower
  • 10 York
  • Harbour Plaza
  • 88 Scott
  • The Four Seasons


The Urban Construction Equipment team prides itself on delivering the right solution for each and every job. No matter how complex.

Each job is custom designed by our team of sales people and engineers who have been working in unison personally for over 30 years. To budget and the highest standards of quality in our locale, Urban construction always delivers more than satisfactory results at competitive prices.

UCEL has pioneered many of the technologies and techniques used in today’s hoisting industry. Check through our company history to see why Urban Construction is a leader in today’s rack and pinions hoist market.


Urban Construction Equipment only partners with the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy construction and industrial hoist and elevators. Our manufacturing partner Stros delivers equipment world wide to some of the most demanding projects around the globe.

Stros has certifications from some of the most stringent safety and quality authorities in the world. This is to assure our customers of the quality and reliability of Stros equipment. Among the highest grade in the marketplace. Stros is ISO 9000:1 certified.

STROS company was established in 1960 and is located in the town of Sedlcany, 70 km south of Prague, the Czech capital. Privatized in 1999, the company currently numbers about 200 employees. In the late 1960’s the company started to export its products and the STROS trademark gained a good reputation. In the 70’s and 80’s the new V-series material hoists (load capacities 500, 750 and 1000 kg), as well as other personnel/material hoists were developed along with the suspended and work platforms series.Nowadays, the company focuses on designing and manufacturing construction hoists and their components. Its current production can be divided into five main groups:

  • PERSONNEL/MATERIAL HOISTS (load capacity 600 – 3200 kg, one or two cages on the mast)
  • MATERIAL HOISTS (load capacity 200 and 2000 kg)
  • SUSPENDED PLATFORMS (length = 2 – 12 m)
  • WORK PLATFORMS (load capacity 1000 – 3000 kg)

Stros is an ISO 9001:2009 quality management certified company.

Why Choose UCEL?


We bring 55+ years of family-operated quality, reliability and safety to every project.


Our equipment is manufactured in an ISO9001 facility and is certified to meet the highest European, ANSI (US), TUV (EU), and CSA (Canada) requirements.


We are proud of our reliability track record: 700+ machines sold by UCEL in North America, 0 decommissioned from age or maintenance requirements.




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