At UCEL, we make quality, reliability and expert service our highest priorities. Through our partnerships with the best European manufacturers and our vast experience in the industry, we are committed to not only boosting your productivity by saving you time, money and man-power, but also maximizing the absolute safety of your staff, crews and everyone associated with your project.


  • A history of more than 55 years’ experience and knowledge as a leader in the industry
  • A family-operated business deeply committed to your success
  • Partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers from Europe – STROS
  • One-stop-shop convenience for all your project needs—equipment rentals throughout Canada and sales for European manufacturers across North America


 55+ years of family-operated quality, reliability and safety

Frank Csaszar, Founder

Frank founded Urban Construction Equipment Limited in 1963. A great innovator and creator of cutting-edge equipment and ideas, he believed no challenge was insurmountable and never said “it can’t be done”. While Frank passed in 2012, he left behind a legacy of strength and perseverance to his children who strive every day to deliver on a vision of being one of the best hoisting equipment providers in the world.

Les Csaszar, President, EDM-B

Les has been the linchpin of UCEL for decades. Working with his father Frank since childhood, Les brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. He has worked on countless hoisting projects across Canada, the United States and internationally as far away as Kazakhstan. Les has sat on several of the CSA and TSSA boards which drafted the local codes we see today. Les has been the driving force in making STROS the brand it is today. Les is an active member of UCEL’s team, handling many special projects, maintaining client relationships and bringing exceptional technical knowledge to assist in consulting with other managers. Les is also a licensed master Elevating Devices Mechanic.

Mack Csaszar, Executive Vice President

Mack is part of UCEL’s third-generation of family ownership and has worked with UCEL for over 10 years. Mack focuses on developing UCEL’s business and maintaining strong client-relationships. He handles most of the ongoing executive management duties at UCEL. Mack is a graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Along with his brother Chet, Mack is an apprentice elevator mechanic.

Chet Csaszar, Chief Elevator Mechanic

Chet is a part of UCEL’s 3 third-generation of family ownership and has worked with UCEL over 10 years. He is focused on retaining UCEL’s high reputation for excellent quality machines and service. Chet is also involved in UCEL’s remote-location business in industrial sectors across Canada. He brings a truly safety- and quality-focused culture to UCEL. Along with his brother Mack, Chet is an apprentice elevator mechanic.

Jason Lang, Vice President Sales & Operations

Jason joins the UCEL team with an extensive background in the North American construction industry.  Experienced in Managing sales, operations, rentals and manufacturing of heavy construction machinery and attachments, he understands the importance of quality, efficiency, and timely service response to help our customers complete their projects successfully.  As UCEL continues to grow, Jason will help ensure we maintain our strong service foundation and remain the top choice for our customers.

Al Fockler, Canadian Rental Manager

After working as the Head of Sales for a major Chevrolet dealer for almost a decade, Al joined the team in early 2012 to bolster UCEL’s sales force in the GTA. Al has seen UCEL more than double in size during his tenure with the firm. He brings a customer-focused approach to sales and management, and always gets the job done.

SEAN DUMOND, U.S. Sales Manager

Sean joined the UCEL team in early 2020. He brings years of scaffold and vertical access experience with him, aligning well with UCEL’s business model. The ability to connect with his clients, evaluating their needs and recommending the most appropriate solution has established him as a trusted resource. Sean has a passion for developing a strong client base and supporting the efforts of the team.

Robert Heinrich, Operations Manager

Born and educated as a machinist/millwright in Germany with over 10 years with UCEL, Robert’s background makes him the perfect choice to co-ordinate UCEL’s internal operations including equipment turn-around, custom fabrication and material preparation. Our reliability and punctuality hinge on the smooth function of our plant and operations, and Robert’s experience and management has enabled UCEL to complete large, complicated projects safely and on time.

Shane Miller, Head of Technical Support

Shane has been with UCEL since 2012 as an elevator mechanic and handles North American service for UCEL’s Stros owning clients. He is integral to the operation and with a wealth of knowledge and experience on Stros machines and sets the bar for customer service very high.

Charlie Doucette, Service Manager

Charlie joined UCEL in 2016 and has been an excellent addition to the team. With vast experience in complicated manufacturing and processing electrical equipment he’s brought a keen eye to service and equipment quality at UCEL. Charlie manages equipment turnaround, electrical safety and service for UCEL’s rental and industrial clients.

Andres Munoz, Purchasing and Logistics Manager

Andres joined UCEL in 2017 to manage our international and domestic shipping routes and customs clearance. Andres also manages UCEL’s ongoing purchasing at all levels in the company to ensure expenses are approved, tracked and job-costed correctly.

Jerome Mandawe, Accounting Manager

Jerome joined UCEL as our accounting manager. He brings over 30 years of experience in related fields to our business and is an asset to our company’s ability to operate with excellent financial knowledge.

Gayle Summerland, Office Manager

Gayle comes to UCEL with decades of experience administrating companies in varied industries. She provides UCEL with a backbone of good organization and office management which allows the company to run seamlessly at peak performance.

Darcy Trudeau, Yard and Scheduling Manager

Darcy keeps UCEL’s 1,000+ different materials, components and moving parts organized. He ensures trucks and mobile cranes are departing UCEL on time and are packed correctly so our field crews are ready to produce every day.

Jon Zalevich, General Foreman

Andrew Stoddard, Foreman


Dylan Sanders, Foreman

Emanuel “Manny” Viveiros, Foreman

Diego De La Vega, Foreman

Clyde, Head of Office Security

As a 2015 graduate from the Centre for Canine Education at Prince-ton, Clyde has kept a vigilant watch over all UCEL’s operations – couriers beware!



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