Construction hoists provide a cost-effective solution to the vertical transportation of materials and equipment on any construction site. They help dramatically boost productivity and safety, saving project managers time and money.

STROS is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-end construction hoists with over 700 construction hoist units currently operating across North America in demanding super- high-rise markets like New York City and Toronto. STROS has performed excellently on massively demanding projects including the majority of the super-high-rise Hudson Yards buildings and 220 Central Park South in New York City and on 11 of Toronto’s 20 tallest buildings.

At UCEL, we take pride in being Canada’s oldest construction hoist company. Founded in 1963, we have more than 55 years of expertise in designing, building and installing high-quality European-made equipment and industry-leading custom landing equipment. Our construction hoists have proven themselves on sites around the world in heights over 1,000 feet. We have supplied dozens of hoist rental houses including many entering the market for the first time.

We have full-time North American support staff with decades of experience in troubleshooting assistance and inventories of parts and hoists landed in Toronto. We are capable of supplying the majority of parts “next day”.

STROS has proven capable of meeting any challenge, and STROS equipment can be purchased with special features such as:

  • Custom painted finishes and colours
  • Overload sensing devices
  • Extensions
  • Intercom Systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Wind, overload and overspeed alarms
  • Landing gate interlocks
  • Ground and hoistway enclosures
  • Custom widths, lengths or heights for special purpose cars
  • Varying tower section widths
  • Custom tie-ins and much more


STROS has machines operating on facilities in the industries of:


  • Oil & Gas refineries, rigs and storage
  • Port cranes
  • Chemicals
  • Aggregates
  • Nuclear generation
  • Power generating plants
  • Steel and other metals
  • Mining
  • Drilling and boring applications
  • Tower cranes


STROS machines have been designed with special features to accommodate:


  • -40c temperature operation
  • Battery-powered elevators
  • Hazardous environments (special NEMA or ATEX ratings)
  • Abrasive environments
  • Corrosive environments
  • Mobile platform elevators
  • Explosion proofing (Up to Class 1, Division 2)
  • Special emergency evacuation procedures
  • Remote monitoring
  • Inclined elevators
  • Asymmetrical dimensions
  • Reverted elevators (extend downwards with a shaft)
  • Self-erecting system (no crane or winch required)
  • Reduced size (or varying size) tower sections

STROS company was established in 1960 and is located in the town of Sedlcany, 70 km south of Prague, the Czech capital. Privatized in 1999, the company currently numbers about 200 employees. In the late 1960’s the company started to export its products and the STROS trademark gained a good reputation. In the 70’s and 80’s the new V-series material hoists (load capacities 500, 750 and 1000 kg), as well as other personnel/material hoists were developed along with the suspended and work platforms series.Nowadays, the company focuses on designing and manufacturing construction hoists and their components. Its current production can be divided into five main groups:

  • PERSONNEL/MATERIAL HOISTS (load capacity 600 – 3200 kg, one or two cages on the mast)
  • MATERIAL HOISTS (load capacity 200 and 2000 kg)
  • SUSPENDED PLATFORMS (length = 2 – 12 m)
  • WORK PLATFORMS (load capacity 1000 – 3000 kg)

Stros is an ISO 9001:2009 quality management certified company.

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We bring 55+ years of family-operated quality, reliability and safety to every project.


Our equipment is manufactured in an ISO9001 facility and is certified to meet the highest European, ANSI (US), TUV (EU), and CSA (Canada) requirements.


We are proud of our reliability track record: 700+ machines sold by UCEL in North America, 0 decommissioned from age or maintenance requirements.



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