UCEL Inc. only partners with the worlds leading manufacturers of heavy construction and industrial hoist and elevators. Our manufacturing partners deliver equipment worldwide to some of the most demanding projects around the globe.


    Our European partner has certifications from some of the most stringent safety and quality authorities in the world. This is to assure our customers of the quality and reliability of our equipment. Among the highest grade in the marketplace, they are ISO 9000:1 certified.

    ABOUT UCEL’s Manufacturing Partners

    Our Partner’s Manufacturing facility is located in the Czech Republic . The factory is easily reachable, even internationally by plane and less than one hour by automobile from the airport. 200 employees are actively engaged in engineering, manufacturing, and product development and testing all in a modern manufacturing plant suitable for future expansion. The factory has added robotics for the manufacturing of tower sections and other components to meet the increased need for the worldwide demand.

    Currently, they manufacture a complete line of construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms, suspended work platforms and special purpose industrial elevators for permanent installations. Their equipment is in use all over Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada, Russia and the Middle East. Our manufactured equipment has the reputation of building well engineered, durable equipment capable of years of reliable and safe performance. The rack and pinion safety device is used on all of our equipment which transports personnel. The safety device is manufactured in total in the main facility and is certified by the European group (TUV) and is full compliance with all USA standards including the Federal OSHA code. Our construction hoists and work platforms meet or exceed the ANSI standards a well. All the raw components which are used in this product line are either European, Canadian or of USA origin and no materials are a product of or originate in China. They also manufacture a complete line of Rack and Pinion Special Purpose Industrial Elevators especially suited for harsh outdoor environments or applications where a conventional elevator simply won’t fit. The rack & pinion design allows for a simplified installation and the elimination of an enclosed hoist way. Typical installations include power generating facilities, grain elevators, cement plants, refineries, coal handling centers, underground tunneling projects, and offshore applications. Through our partners, we also offer compact elevators for confined spaces as well as large units for large volumes of material and passenger movement.



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