The world runs on electrical power–and so much of our everyday lives depend on reliable access to electricity, from charging our phones and running our appliances to supporting key infrastructure and powering businesses.

Expanding Demand Strains Grid

Generally speaking, power generation is the act of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy to supply the power grids and meet the electrical needs of the societies that run off those grids. The constantly increasing demand for power to the ever-expanding grids across the globe means an increased pressure on existing power generation plants to augment output while still following extremely strict protocols.

As this expansion occurs, more permanent vertical transportation is needed due to increasing safety regulations surrounding how to lift personnel and materials safely. Constant inspection of the sites also requires vertical access. Often power and generation companies need long-term maintenance access for material and tools, and many facilities also require large material handling equipment.

Rely on UCEL for Safe, Cost-Efficient Vertical Access

UCEL’s lifts provide vertical transport of personnel and materials in a manner previously thought difficult, intrusive, and expensive in the power and generation industry. UCEL offers solutions that are equally or more safe as well as quick. Our industrial manlifts and other vertical access options are also more flexible and economical than traditional vertical transportation.

Our hoists reduce physical exertion, provide faster access to areas, can be installed on the exterior of existing buildings (even on their own structure), and serve a wide range of hazardous environments that traditional vertical transport methods can’t. Depending on your need, our products are capable of temporary or permanent application. We offer personnel/material hoists, as well as industrial elevators and special application lifts like explosion-proof elevators.

Our elevators and hoists are:

  • Manufactured to meet ISO 9001:2009 quality management standards
  • Modular, allowing for highly customizable solutions in both size and capacity
  • Designed to meet almost any challenge, both physical and procedural
  • Installed rapidly compared to traditional elevators

How UCEL Helps the Power & Generation Industries


On a hydroelectric facility in a remote area, a client was looking to replace a dated traction elevator that was repeatedly breaking down due to the cold environment. Met with staggeringly high costs to modify the structure, replace the construction lifts, and receive only proprietary equipment quotes, they needed a more cost-effective way to move forward.


UCEL provided the client with a machine that fit inside their existing shaft dimensions and was installed on-site in one month. The UCEL hoist is a high-quality machine with decades of usable life and is suitable for semi-outdoor and frigid environments. Perhaps most notably, our solution cost the client less than half of what other contractors were proposing.)

Our highly technical consultation helps you select the appropriate product for your application–and then we perform installation, deliver lifetime service and maintenance, and replace obsolete or old machinery. Our 60 years of experience has given us the knowledge and know-how to meet the needs of almost any challenge. We start each engagement by asking for a brief description of the task at hand, including drawings, and then formulate a custom proposal based on the application.

Contact us to see how we can meet your needs.