Towerboys logo


So what does it mean to be a Towerboy?

Originally started by the crews of UCEL Inc., an idea to unify all disciplines of workers on-site was born.

The Towerboy insignia belongs to any man or woman who rolls up their sleeves and gets after it every day. Who heads out no matter what the conditions are to get the job done. Who believe in leading by example and pushing themselves and their colleagues to give their maximum, every day. Who understand that it’s not always pretty, but it’s gotta get done.

Does this sound like you? Congratulations – You’re in.

Before you go though, take a look around – we’ve got some gear for you.


Towerboys Tshirt - Black


Towerboys Hoodie - Black

Towerboys-UCEL-trucker hat

Towerboys Trucker Hat - Slate Gray/Black