Looking at the US market specifically, US divisions of Stros, says mid-rise industries are demanding construction hoists where previously none were used, for safety, personnel and material access. “This is a generating a lot of volume, and interest in economical machines”

Sundell Larson, at Stros, adds that the low rise markets are looking for economical vertical transport options like transport platform which save on their costs of operating mobile cranes and large telehandler units. It also provides a safe exit for rescues who may need a stretcher.

The Super hi-rise markets are demanding larger, faster machines and “We believe that pre-fabricated bathrooms or other rooms may become more popular method of building in North America, which will drive demand for twin-mast units.”

He adds, “During the pandemic, we saw an uptick in demand to allow for social distancing inside of hoists which had many projects increasing the number of hoists they rented.”

Stros’ latest model is the ANSI compliant 8,000 pound, 300ft/min, non-counterweighted dual hoist, and the 16,000 pound, 230ft/min, counterweighted twin-mast hoist, up to 24ft long. Both were launched in late 2018.