A mast climbing work platform is a platform used for elevating personnel and materials to perform work on a construction job site. They can carry both personnel and materials to greater heights than a ladder and also support materials as needed. Individuals must adhere to safety guidelines for mast climbing work platforms in order to protect personnel and keep the job site running smoothly. These platforms are not used for transporting things to floors, they are only used as mobile work platforms for safety reasons. That type of equipment is called a Mast Climbing Transport Platform, or just Transport Platform for short.

Prestart Inspection

Before beginning each workday, a mast climber should be thoroughly inspected as part of a regular routine. Immediately report any maintenance issues that need attention so your crew can avoid an accident. Manufacturer’s normally issue a product manual which you should strictly follow in addition to local codes and regulations.

Do Not Exceed Limitations

Each mast climbing work platform has limitations that will be stated in the manual and on the platform. Exceeding these limitations puts personnel at risk and will decrease efficiency in the long run, as you may have to deal with an injury or damage to materials from an improperly used platform. Pay close attention to overhanging platform capacity limits.


Regular maintenance of the mast climbing work platform will keep it running smoothly, which, in turn, increases production on the construction job site. Planks and guardrails should be maintained for safety, and the power drive should be monitored for efficiency. The platform should come with a manual to assist with proper maintenance checks.

Fully Planked and Guarded

The mast climber should be fully planked using the proper grade plank to support personnel and materials. The material can be properly rated wood planks or prefabricated decking, often aluminum. Guardrails should be installed if they do not already exist to protect personnel from accidental falls, and they should be checked regularly to make sure they are not loose.

Proper Gear and Equipment

Safety guidelines for mast climbing work platforms recommend the proper use of gear and equipment to protect personnel from injuries due to falling. Harnesses worn by personnel and attached directly to the mast climbing platform keep workers secure should an accident happen. As mentioned above, guardrails serve the same purpose, but should not be used as a tie-off point unless adequately rated. The fall arrest harness ensures added safety.


Base ties must be in place before removing any other ties on the work platform. If they are not, the mast climbing platform will not be stable and could tip over. The manual should contain exact information on how to safely dismantle your product.

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