There are certain areas where you can never cut corners. Industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture must use the right equipment for the job. Using the wrong hoist or lift could result in injury to personnel and the job being run inefficiently. Consider these thoughts when deciding how to select the right hoist for your application.

What Is the Hoist Being Used For?

When making a hoist selection the first question asked is, “What will it be used for?”

Will the hoist be lifting personnel only or materials? Or just materials and supplies? There’s a difference; it’s not safe to choose a hoist made for lifting materials only to allow personnel to ride along. Keep workers safe by choosing a man-lift for people and a material lift for materials.

It may seem cost effective to get the biggest hoist you can so everyone and everything can hop on and save time. In reality, you’d save money having two smaller hoists, each made for the proper job. Everyone involved would be safer, as well.

Hoists and lifts are often referred to as buck hoists, man-lifts, personnel and material hoists, construction hoists, rack and pinion hoists, or temporary elevators. They vary in size and strength depending on the function needed.

How High Will It Need To Go?

The next important question is, “How high does the hoist need to go?” Working on a high-rise building as compared to an agricultural need will make a big difference concerning the proper lift for the application. It’s imperative to choose a lift designed to handle a lower height or small space, or a very large space and great height.

Is the Hoist Safe?

An obvious question, but safety needs to be well thought out when deciding how to select the right hoist for your application.

If no one on the site is trained to operate the particular hoist being used, then training will need to be put into place.

Proper safety controls can be added such as over-load sensing and over-speed brakes which are put into place for emergencies in case the lift is overloaded or suddenly descending at too great a speed. This protects personnel. Decide which safety features are needed at your site.

How Much Will It Cost?

In the end, cost plays a huge role in choosing your hoist. There are rental and purchasing options, and each will depend on the job site and company situation. You’ll want the best option for your dollar without skimping on safety or usability.

UCEL, Inc offers the solutions you need with cost effective options. We are here to answer all of your questions about hoists and help you in choosing the best fit for the job.